HaiReconstruct - Intense Hair Reconstruction

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HaiReconstruct - Intense Hair Reconstruction

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The Vitaker products are going through a design remake. So, the product you will receive might have some differences from what you see here, but don't worry, what there is inside the bottle is still the same great formula.

Hair Reconstruction

Stops breakage /stops the “elastic” hair effect / anti-frizz




Hair Reconstruction Stops breakage /stops the “elastic” hair effect / anti-frizz

What is it ?

The exclusive Bio Repair system contains 18 amino acids and a keratin complex. The formulation can reverse damage caused by chemical processes such as colouring and bleaching, as well as other external damage. It provides balanced nourishment and hair reconstruction. Results are visible immediately after the first application.

How to apply?

1 Gently wash the hair with the SOS Treatment Shampoo. Rinse and repeat the process. For very damaged hair there’s no need to repeat the process.

2 Towel dry the hair and apply S.O.S HaiRecontruct. Leave it on for 5 minutes. Do not rinse.

3 Blow-dry and iron the hair to seal in the product and the hair will became soft and shine immediately. Each section will normally need to be ironed 5-10 times.

Usage: Seals and reconstructs fine, fragile and extremely damaged hair due colouring, bleaching and chemical process. Can also be used as a preventive treatment, providing complete strengthening and nourishment.

What to expect? Complete repair and hair recovery** Stops breakage and the “elastic” hair effect. Eliminates frizz. The hair will become healthy again, feeling silky and smooth. ** For extremely damaged hair 3 sessions of the treatment will be needed to achieve a full hair recovery. Each session should be done at one week intervals.


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