Beauty Tips

How to blow dry your hair without getting it damaged

Though blow dryers make your hair look great, all that exposure to heat is actually quite damaging to your hair. Your hair can end up dried out, frizzy, or with split ends, which are never a good thing. If you're worried that you're going to fry your hair with your frequent blow drying, there are some steps you can take to minimize the heat damage.

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How to Protect Your Hair This Summer 

At some point this season, you’re going to find yourself at the beach. Or the lake. Or the pool. Or some other aqueous body, seeking sweet relief from the oppressive heat by way of a long, lazy swim in the cool, refreshing water. Hopefully, you already have. Besides, what’s summer for if not to float for a bit? 

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Why Not to Brush Your Hair When it´s Wet  

You may be wondering why not to brush hair when it’s wet. The answer is simple, when hair is wet it is especially vulnerable to damage. Water weakens the weakest bonds within strands of hair, removing 1/3 of its strength. The simple act of brushing can lead to dire consequences in this weakened state.  

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